Have you ever loved someone so much that even a small amount of sadness for them is like a dagger right in the heart. I just found out something heart breaking and all I want to do is too be there and help but he doesn’t want my help right now. He just want to be alone and secluded. Which I guess I understand but it is slowly killing me that I can’t be there to comfort him. I just want to do my best to take away whatever pain that is there,  there has been so much sadness and sorrow and he doesn’t deserve this. I just realized that I may truly love him and trust me when I say that I don’t use that word very lightly. He is the person I could see myself with forever and I want him to be happy. I just want to see him right now and tell him that everything is going to be okay even though I know it won’t be. Although just to give him some hope would make him feel some what better. I’m sitting here crying for him because when he called me and told me the news I could tell in his voice there was something wrong. And when he told me it sounded like he just broke and that him saying it made it so much more real. I hope everything turns out for the best and if you ever need me I’m a phone call away and I will get a ride to where ever you need me. ♡♡♡♡♡♡


This redefines what a bunk bed can be!

Classic coca

wedding shoes
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this scares me so much.
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person: Pokemon is such a childish game, why are you playing it?



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i’m so fucking done with this site


in grade 11 i was on the phone w this boy i wanted and i owed him a favour or something so i was like “it can be anything you want” and he was like “anything?” and im like ya thats what i fuckin said and he goes “can you explain to me how a fridge works? like how does it stay cold”

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buying a pink switchblade so i can knife all the dumb bitches in style


That’s sweet and stuff.


food tastes better when you took it from someone




I was going through the newspapers today and saw this.

Well My heart just broke a little bit.